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PT. Delta Shipyard is a testimony to the vision and active participation of the private sector in Indonesia's quest to become a major player in the global maritime industry. We are currently completing the setting up of an integrated shipbuilding and ship repairing facility. We are making every endeavor to emerge as an internationally competitive yard and facilitate the emergence of Batam Island as a dominant ship building and ship repair center of the region.

Our senior management has a long record of experience in the maritime offshore industry. The shipyard complex is located on 01° 00' 17.88" North /103° 57' 34.14" East Panaran, Dapur 12,, Tanjung Uncang, Batam Island, Indonesia. PT. Delta Shipyard owns and operates a shipyard in Batam in Indonesia, which we use as a base for our fleet deployed and for in-house ship building, conversion, repair and maintenance. We also provide ship conversion, repair and maintenance services to third parties

Our Expertise

PT. Delta Shipyard has the expertise and experience to repair a diverse range and capacity
of vessels in the marine and offshore sector such as :

Oil tankers, Chemical tankers.
Dredgers, General cargo vessels.
Tug boat, supply boat.
Offshore support vessels, and barge.
Accommodation barge.

Health, Safety, and Environment Policy

It is the policy of PT. DELTA SHIPYARD that all our activities shall be conducted in a manner which safeguards the Health, Safety and Welfare of all persons and preserves the natural environment as far as practicable.
DELTA SHIPYARD together with all employess, subcontractors, suppliers and other individuals associated with DELTA SHIPYARD operations shall endeavor to :

• Prevent all accident, occupational diseases and fire.
• Prevent damage to plant, equipment and property.
• Comply with applicable legal and other requirements.
• Protect and preserve the environment.
• Prevent pollution.
• Implement safe system to work.
• Promote safety awareness and provide training and resources to maintain safe work environment.
• Provide forum to employees, customers, and contractors to actively participate in our HSE programs..
• Safeguards the interest of the general public and surrounding community.
• Continually improve the HSE Management System.
These commitments to HSE are our highest priority and will not be compromised

Quality Policy

The management and Staff of PT. Delta Shipyard is committed to implement an effective ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to ensure our products and services meet and exceed customers' requirements at all times.
We are committed to :

• Deliver high quality products and services on time.
• Ensure out customers of our commitment to continual improvement..
• Leverage our technical expertise and resources to ensure customer satisfaction..
• Train our personnel and provide them with necessary skills and knowledge..
• Achieve high productivity and efficiency..

Data Umum

Jalan Panaran Dapur No.12, Sungai Pelunggut, Kec. Sagulung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 378873
Tel: (+62) 778 7368507
Fax: (+62) 778 7368508


Website :

Main Facilities


 Facilities  Capacity (DWT)  Dimension M Crane  (TLC)
 Building Berth      -  300 x 100  150
 Slipway 1  12.544  200 x 56  32
 Slipway 2  12.544  200 x 40  32


Dock Space Available Date 2020

SLIPWAY 1, 12.544 DWT.
Dimension 241 x 60 M, Gantry Crane 3 cap. 32 Tones

 Month  Week I  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4  Week 5
 Oct 2021
 Nov 2021
 Dec 2021
 Jan 2022
 Feb 2022
 Mar 2022
 Apr 2022
 May 2022
 Jun 2022
 Jul 2022
 Aug 2022
 Sept 2022

Keterangan: Ο  Available  Ο Not- Available


SLIPWAY 2, 12.544 DWT.
Dimension 241 x 60 M, Gantry Crane 3 cap. 32 Tones

 Month  Week I  Week 2  Week 3  Week 4  Week 5
 Oct 2021
 Nov 2021
 Dec 2021
 Jan 2022
 Feb 2022
 Mar 2022
 Apr 2022
 May 2022
 Jun 2022
 Jul 2022
 Aug 2022
 Sept 2022

Keterangan: Ο  Available  Ο Not- Available



New Building Space

Dimension 300 x 100 M, Jib Crane 150 Tones

Month  2021 2022  2023  2024 2025

Keterangan: Ο Available Ο Not- Available 


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